As a photographic artist, I capture moments in time -  even when those moments don’t actually exist. Instead of waiting for the external environment to present me with an image to capture, I control my camera and my body to CREATE one. The lights in the following images are stationary in reality, it is my movements that make them explode. 

I believe that in the same way that I created these images, our innate ability to FLUX (creating movement from stagnation) grants us the power to create the future. Every moment in time presents humanity with a basic choice – to move forward or to stay the same. To courageously move towards enlightenment, self-understanding, compassion and love, or to cowardly hide behind “the way things have always been” in ignorance, judgement and fear. 

The more people who realize this truth, the more universal POWER is created. When enough bright lights move in one direction, it will become impossible to look back – and an entire new world will be revealed! Each one of us has the ability to choose to enjoy the journey of growth and transform our lives into something new.  

Thursday February 20th - Sunday February 23

Better Living Centre (195 Princes Blvd), Toronto

My new Collection represents the distillation and purity of my artistic vision. I use photography to create visual poetry through abstractions of colour, light and texture.  This illuminating series is inspired by the theory and conceptual imagery of creation and the power of the ephemeral element of light and movement - presenting an ambiguous topography and reflective pattern charged with a flurry of vivid colours and geometric shapes that evoke a positive and high frequency energy.

While the final photographic images are not digitally manipulated, the use of various materials and external/internal lighting results in images that are deliberately stripped away from context.  Through the act of looking outward to capture these vibrantly unique and evocative images, I was compelled to look inward to understand how my various mindsets truly reflect and effect the other. I encourage the viewer to foster a playful mindset while interacting with my images. My work speaks to the creative process and eludes to the “act of being in flow”, a state of elevated internal perspective.







Better Living Centre, Toronto, 2017-2020

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REFLECT ON: water and glass

Yorkville Village, Toronto, September 2019

Throughout Lindsi Hollend’s artistic career, her focus has been on capturing her unique perspective. In this collection, Lindsi encourages viewers to embrace the transformative power of the reflective surfaces of water and glass, as they interact with their environment, creating new perspectives of familiar imagery.

In the water images, Lindsi examines the reflective properties of water – a surface that is never still. Sunlight captured on undulating waves, city lights reflected on pitch black lakes, ripples distorting the wonders of nature, and long exposures of colourful objects blend together to create a new experience.

In the architectural images, Lindsi explores the reflective properties of glass – a medium we typically associate with transparency. Instead of being a portal to the interior of the buildings, the reflective surfaces become a tool to render unique perspectives of their surroundings. Sunsets, an overcast sky, neighbouring buildings, and their own structural materials create an entirely new scene.

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