1. What kind of photography do you specialize in? Please provide a short description of your site with the name of your business and geographic location:

*Example: Jane Dovercourt is a landscape and travel photographer based in Toronto.

Lindsi Hollend is a fine art photographer living in Toronto. She creates engaging and evocative images that inspire people to appreciate the power of perspective.

2. What type of scrolling/visual layout do you want for you site?

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  • Staggered
  • Other (specify)

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I like a vertical grid and/or tiled.

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About Me

Lindsi has a unique perspective of the everyday moments and objects in the world, be it the allure of nature or the magnitude of the space that surrounds her. She is fascinated by texture, layers, colours and contrast - all of which are abundant in her work.
Photography has given her the true gift of experiencing the world as a keen and eager observer and it is through this medium that she challenges her viewer to appreciate the power of how personal perspective shapes their own lives.
Through the act of looking outward to capture these unique and evocative images, Lindsi continually feels compelled to look inward to illuminate how each truly reflects and effects the other. Her work challenges her viewers’ notions of how their inner landscape might effect their outward vision of the world.
Her work is face-mounted to crystal clear acrylic which allows the images to seemingly float off the wall, informing viewers that her larger-than-life creations cannot be bound by borders or frames. It is a true expression of herself and her limitless outlook on life.

5. Please provide the contact information that you would like listed on your Contact Page.

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  • Name or Business name - Lindsi Beth Perspectives - Lindsi Hollend
  • Phone number - 416-540-6903
  • Email - lbh@lindsibeth.com
  • Address
  • Other instagram - www.instagram.com/lindsibeth

6. If you have multiple galleries of images, what style of navigation would you like on your site?

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  • Drop down menu/sub menu folder.
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I watched the video - I like the home page with thumbnails of my collections. I have 7 different collections in my portfolio. And the dropdown, so you don't have to go back to the home page.

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