Capturing engaging and evocative imagery that inspires people to appreciate the 


Lindsi Hollend is a fine art photographer based in Toronto.  Lindsi has a unique perspective of the everyday moments and objects in the world, be it the allure of nature or the magnitude of the space that surrounds her. She is fascinated by texture, layers, colours and contrast - all of which are abundant in her work.  Photography has given her the true gift of experiencing the world with a fresh and unique perspective — one that she can’t wait to share. Her work is face-mounted to crystal clear acrylic which allows the images to seemingly float off the wall, subtly informing viewers that her larger-than-life creations cannot be bound by borders or frames. Capturing these unique and evocative images has led Lindsi to shift her life as well, and she is mindful of the influence her imagery has on inspiring people to appreciate the power of perspective. Her art is a true expression of herself - she is self-taught and continues to grow and evolve with her talent.  She is grateful to have a craft that allows her to step away from the chaos and create something engaging and inspiring.


2015 & 2018

November 2015

We all have stories that define us - they can carry us through storms, or pull us down to the depths. I am going to start with a good story, the most recent one - the one that I am choosing to define me now. I want to share with you the story of how photography gave me the gift of seeing the world with a new perspective. I took my first "photo" in October 2014 and immediately felt an energy shift inside me. That first photo of a "dandelion wishy" in the sunrise filled me up with energy, clarity, and focus. It made me feel creative, and it made me feel GOOD!


The year before this creative shift, my life didn’t feel this inspired.  In 2008, after the birth of my second child, my coping skills began deteriorating, and I started experiencing severe signs of mental illness. Since my mood has always fluctuated, my close friends and family were blind to how deep my feelings ran - I looked fine on the outside, but on the inside I was in deep pain. It was difficult for me to take care of my children and myself - I was convinced that I was a terrible mother, friend, daughter, and wife. In addition, I hated those around me for “making” me feel this way. On top of it all, I hated that I felt this way - my feelings had feelings. I was a mess.


I had no clarity, focus or energy and spent many moments/days/weeks in panic mode or in tears. I was irritable and angry every day, and had no love and compassion for myself or those around me. I couldn’t cope with parenting, or with my family and friend obligations - and I felt like a burden to everyone close to me, and alienated from the world around me.  This went on for 5 long years, until an acquaintance recognized my symptoms and referred me to the postpartum clinic at Mt. Sinai.  I was quickly diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that stemmed from an untreated trauma that occurred when I was 17, and more recently a  Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (concussion). 


It was an “aha” moment.  Without knowing what it was, I reflected that I had been living and struggling with these disorders since my later teenage years. It wasn't until I went on the right medication that I began to experience what it felt like to be ME. After 20+ years of struggling with myself, it is very hard to put it into words, what this shift felt like. It was inspiring - it feels the same as someone seeing in colour or hearing sounds for the first time.  Everything felt good, everything felt ok, and I felt like I was living without fear for the first time.  I felt free from myself, and started to strip off the layers of patterns that had previously felt branded to me.  

In short, it has been an incredible journey of wellness for me, and my photography has been a huge part of it. I never considered myself as a creative person before I began to heal! It has been a very welcome and exciting passion. I love the process of creating my perspectives into beautiful works of art, and I hope you enjoy them too.

November 2018

(3 years later)


My creative journey started with being diagnosed with MDS and PTSD in 2014. I had previously been living my life with a disconnect between my inner and outer worlds - the outside world felt overwhelming and filled with barriers, and my inside world was damaged from years of depression and self-limiting beliefs.


The most wonderful part of my journey is that photographing unique and different perspectives has motivated me to shift my perspective on life as well.


The first breakthrough I had was noticing that my visual perspective had changed of the world around me. I noticed aspects of my environment that I wasn’t aware of before because I had spent so much energy focused on my inner struggle. I now had the clarity to document the unique ways that I saw the world, and I was compelled to share my personal perspective of things that had always been right in front of me.  Things that stood out to me are often overlooked as we rush through our day - light, colour, texture, patterns. I was looking at ordinary and familiar parts of the world but all I saw was how beautiful and extraordinary they were. My images are uncomplicated and easy to look at. They might seem familiar but more often they are unrecognizable. Many of my images include in-camera techniques, where I create the scene using water, colours, lights, movements, and exposure. The images are face-mounted to crystal clear acrylic which allows the images to seemingly float off the wall, subtly informing viewers that her larger-than-life creations cannot be bound by borders or frames.


My inner self was transforming alongside this creative shift.  I was freed from the limiting self beliefs and patterns that held me back from finding myself.  I was more comfortable with my feelings, and what was in my head and I realized that I don’t need to look outside to see whats inside myself. Sharing my inner world and my journey is a natural progression from sharing my art, and I enjoy giving people the opportunity to shift from “looking” into “seeing”.


My art is a conversation of my desire to find coherence between the way I now see the outer world, and how that has impacted the way I live my life - my inner world. I believe that in order to live an authentic life, one needs to find way to exist in both worlds seamlessly. 

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